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Eine gute - englische - Zusammenfassung des Common Assessment Frameworks gibt die Einführung der EIPA (übernommen von der CAF-Startseite des EIPA am 20.02.2006):


The use of quality management tools and systems, for a long time confined to the private sector, has since the early 1990’s started to permeate into the public sector in Europe as part of its strive for modernization, better public management, increased performance and a stronger “customer” focus. In the course of the last decade, various quality management tools and systems started to be used in the public sector across the EU but it was not possible to speak of a common understanding and language of quality.

In this context, the Innovative Public Services Group (IPSG) developed the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), a simple and easy-to-use tool that could help public administrations across the EU to understand and employ Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques, to embark on their ”journey to excellence” and to compare themselves with similar organisations in Europe. CAF has been developed by public administrations for public administrations and reflects all the needs of public sector organisations.

The guidelines, developed e-tools, training and last but not least the low cost help the CAF-users to obtain the major outcomes:

  • A better awareness of the total quality approach at all levels of the organisation, including the concern for efficiency, effectiveness and citizen/client orientation;
  • The identification of strengths and areas for improvement;
  • The input into ongoing improvement activities;
  • The promotion of the exchange of views in the organisation, the basis for a sustained change management;
  • The assessment of the effectiveness of the improvement actions by repeating the CAF application on a regular basis;
  • The exchange of experiences with other CAF-users all over Europe, to learn from their strengths and to help them with their improvementsNach oben

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